Astronomy is an 11th/12th grade high school science course that explores the Universe including galaxies, nebulae, stars and other celestial objects. Students should expect to see math applications as well as opportunities for observing the night sky.

Geology is an 11th/12th grade high school science course that has a focus on planet Earth and the energy, materials, processes, and events that have happened in the past or are currently shaping our planet's geology today. Local geology of the Loudonville area is studied including sedimentation, glaciation, rocks, minerals and fossil findings of the area. 

Physical Science is a 9th grade high school science course intended to prepare students in Chemistry, Physics, Basic Astronomy or STEM Engineering courses. Concepts are explored from a hands-on, problem-based approach. Math and measurement concepts are a major factor in the course and students should expect to finish prepared for other science courses with multiple lab skills.