In this course students will work as a team to design and build a Vex Competition Robot using knowledge gained in previous PLTW courses. Teams will compete throughout the year at robotic competition events with a goal of making the state, national and world competitions in spring. A secondary focus of the course will be on creating innovative inventions that are student-designed and submitting them to companies for product review as well as working with sponsor companies on design projects. Strong skills in Autodesk and RobotC programming are necessary to be in this senior-level engineering course.

This course is for students not enrolled in the PLTW Digital Electronics Course who want to learn some of the fundamental skills taught in the course. Special Permission from Mr. Bitner is required prior to accessing the course.

This second-year PLTW STEM Engineering course engages students through a hands-on, problem-based approach with emphasis in mechanical engineering concepts. POE is the second foundational engineering course in the Project Lead the Way Engineering curriculum and students will complete material parallel to an engineering postsecondary course of study. A strong focus is on mathematics concepts in engineering, as well as learning to build and program robotic machines to complete tasks by the spring semester. Students must take IED and POE foundation courses to enroll in Robotics Lab.