Computer Applications I
This course has been designed to help students gain a working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as other programs that will help students use their creative talents.

  • Your other teachers, colleges, and employers expect students to have mastery of basic technology skills, including Microsoft Office, collaborative software, and how to locate information.
  • This course will also require students to learn and reflect on current issues with security, safety, etiquette, communications, and ethics.
  • Beyond the basics, students are also expected to take responsibility for their own learning when it comes to new programs.
  • This course is hands-on with a focus on projects and critical thinking.

Computer Applications II (prerequisite: Computer Applications I)             ½ credit
This course is a continuation of skills learned in Computer Applications I.

  • Emphasis will be placed on learning more advanced features of the software through use of creative and independent projects.
  • Also, students will become familiar with new and advanced software programs.

This course is also hands-on with a focus on projects and critical thinking.

Computer Applications III (CA3) -- Currently, this is an extension of Computer Applications II (CA2) course and is available by invitation only. As such, the 1/2 credit earned will appear for CA2. In the future, I am planning to expand this portion of the course and will seek approval to offer it as a separate course. I am also planning to offer a course dealing with computer hardware, system hardware, and system software.

Exploring College and Careers 11-12 (No prerequisite)                                  ½ credit
This course is intended for students in grades 11 and 12.

  • What decisions will I face after graduation?
  • What direction will my life take?
  • This course will assist students in planning their steps after high school to help them toward success.
  • Students will be given opportunities to explore career paths and college majors, choosing the right college, university, or technical school, and paying for further schooling.
  • In-depth exploration of jobs/careers, economic issues, and trends in the job market will be discussed.
  • Upon completion of this course, students will have a better idea and plans for pursuing their dreams and be better prepared for a successful life after high school.