• Algebra II reviews all of the skills learned in Algebra I and takes each skill to a higher level of understanding and difficulty.  The new topics covered are working with irrational numbers, quadratic equations, and relations.  Logarithms and statistics are also introduced in the course as well.

    Self enrollment: Algebra II
  • This class is designed for the beginning programmer, who is interested in learning the basic skills needed to program.  The students will learn how to problem solve, use formulas, and develop algorithms that prove helpful in solving real-life problems and applications. Introductory programming language will be examined and projects will be based upon the application of this language.  Microsoft Excel, and other computer applications will be used to create programs, video games, and web-pages.

    Self enrollment: Discrete Math
  • This class is designed to extend the concepts and Algebraic properties taught in Algebra II, while also providing an introduction to several Calculus concepts.  Some of the topics covered include trigonometric identities and functions, vectors, complex numbers, analytical geometry, conic sections, exponential and logarithmic functions, sequences and series, polynomial and rational functions, nature of graphs, limits, derivatives, and integrals. 

    Self enrollment: PreCalculus