• Accounting is a system of keeping accurate records of financial transactions for a business. This course is strongly recommended to anyone planning to take college courses in business administration, business management or accounting, or who plans to work in business. A knowledge o basic mathematics is necessary to perform steps in journalizing, posting and the preparation of financial reports. Attention to detail, good organizational skills and analytical thinking abilities are important to the student’s success.

    Self enrollment: Accounting 1
  • Accounting 2 expands upon basic accounting principles for partnerships and corporations. A broader understanding of business activities is gained in order to maintain and interpret financial statements. This course is specifically career-oriented and is planned for the students who plan to become a business owner or manager or an accountant’s assistant, or to college and major in accounting or business field. Automated accounting and accounting simulations will be implemented.

    Self enrollment: Accounting 2
  • Intro to Business is a course that should be of interest and value to every student. It deals with business situations, which every student faces, especially after they graduate. Students will learn financial responsibility through units on money management. They will learn the various aspects of starting and running a business by studying small businesses. They will develop a business plan for a fictitious business and will develop advertisements, logos, and letterheads.
    Self enrollment: Intro to Business
  • This course integrates the elements of audio, video, still images, animation, text, and data for the delivery of interactive content. Students will build a strong foundation based upon multimedia design principles, narrative structure, storybuilding, digital imaging, digital video and audio editing, and motion graphics.

    Self enrollment: Multimedia
  • The course is designed for students to explore the tools of technology and software applications that will improve their productivity and efficiency in other high school assignments, in college classes, and on the job. Students will develop real-life technology skills through the use of multimedia slideshow presentations, desktop publications, advanced options in word processing and spreadsheet applications, and database functions. They will have the opportunity to scan images and use digital cameras to create and edit audio, graphic, and video files. Students will also be responsible for creating various school-related documents, such as newsletters and flyers.

    Self enrollment: Technology Tools
  • Web 1 will take an in-depth look at how to create and maintain web pages. Both HTML coding and the program Dreamweaver will be used to create Web pages. Photoshop will be used to create and edit graphics, backgrounds, buttons, and logos.

    Self enrollment: Web Design 1
  • This advanced level course is designed to further the student’s Web design skills and to prepare the student to produce more interactive Web pages. Flash, cascading style sheets, frames, and JavaScript will be used to enhance Web pages. This class will be expected to create and maintain the Waynedale High School web site. Students will be responsible for gathering and updating pertinent information about WHS.
    Self enrollment: Web Design 2