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Ag Science II (formally Ag 200)

Animal Science and Technology (010910)

Learners will develop business leadership, problem-solving and communication skills in relation to the science and technology of animals.  Students will learn responsible animal management principles and routine husbandry practices in relation to animal welfare and behavior. Learners will identify and describe the anatomy and physiology of monogastric and ruminant organisms as it applies to nutrition, reproduction, and animal health. Learners will investigate animal genetics and how it impacts principles of animal improvement, selection and marketing. 

Ag Science I (formally Ag 100)

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (010105)

This is the first course in the Agricultural and Environmental Systems career field. It introduces students to the pathways that are offered in the Agricultural and Environmental Systems career field. As such, learners will obtain fundamental knowledge and skills in food science, natural resource management, animal science & management, plant & horticultural science, power technology and biotechnology.  Students will be introduced to the FFA organization and begin development of their leadership ability.

Ag Business I & II (formally Production Ag)

Communications and Leadership (010110)

Students will analyze attributes and capabilities of those in leadership positions and develop their communication and leadership skills in authentic situations. The course prepares students to apply journalistic, communication and broadcasting principles to the development, production, and transmittal of agricultural and environmental systems information.