8th Grade art students will focus on:  How cultural behaviors are  influenced by visual; present artwork that demonstrates the use of the art elements; students will identify a variety of professions in the the visual arts area.

This course helps students to learn and imporve their keyboarding skills in a safe, healthy, and low-key way.  The course is 18 weeks and meets daily for 42 minutes.  The course culminates with a study of basic word processing, so that the outgoing student can complete his or her school assignments.  

7th Grade Art course will be focusing: on assessing students own artion through created criteria; classifying and organizing art work from different cultures and eras; students will apply Art and Design Principles in their own creations.

Keyboards and data entry are nearly everywhere you turn, and that trend is bound to continue.  Our students tackle the keyboard in seventh-grade, then build speed and accuracy in this class.  Add to that some fun applications of the word processor, PowerPoint, basic exell, and you have a good idea what students can gain from the course. We even cover email use, html, java script, and often times new software that has not yet made it into the consumer market.I hope you get a lot out of the course and that we can all continue to move our lives forward, toward a world even better than today's.