Ms. Layton's AC English III
(English III)

This course is designed to introduce and explore the history and literature of the United States. This course will follow a chronological order, beginning in the early 15th Century and continuing through the mid 20th Century. We will explore many different genres of American Literature including poetry, novels, drama, short fiction and non-fiction, including political essays and speeches. Due to the fact that so much of American Literature has been influenced by the social conditions of the time, the course will include many references to history and culture. This course will also emphasize writing, grammar and oral communication skills. Each grading period will focus on a specific type of writing and will follow a process to complete a cumulative piece of writing, which demonstrates comprehension of its traits and techniques.


     Ideally, I would like for this classroom to be a place where you can freely discuss the ideas and issues that are presented in the literature and which affect our world. I would like to create both a social and academic environment where we can learn from books as well as each other's thoughts and perspectives. I like to hear what you think about what you are reading and experiencing. In order for this to work effectively, there are a few requirements. The first requirement is that we are all respectful of others' opinions, ideas and beliefs. The second is that you must be aware of my role as the teacher and the leader of this classroom. Although I encourage you to share and participate, you must also be aware that it is my job to lead the discussion and direct its course. If both of these requirements cannot be met, then we will be forced to limit class debates and discussions.